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Throttle (known as the 'accelerator' or 'gas pedal'), controls fuel and air supply to the automobile's engine. It is usually narrow and close to the car floor allowing the driver's heel to rest on the car floor. It has a fail-safe design in that it automatically returns to the idle position when not depressed by the driver.




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Left foot braking is a driving technique in which (temporarily) using the left foot on the brake pedal and the right foot only to the accelerator [1]. This is in contrast to common practice where the left foot only manages the clutch and right foot handles both brake and accelerator.
The benefits with the left foot braking is less time between braking and acceleration, reduced risk of understeer, and the method means that the driver can affect the vehicle's load transfer [1]. In cars with turbocharged engine is a further advantage that the boost pressure can be maintained even during braking.
The technique is widely used in auto racing.